Sunday, April 5, 2009

Just Finished with ALT.NET Open Spaces

I went to the ALT.NET Open Spaces conference this weekend.

I attended several amazing sessions including one convened by Claudio Lassala on maintaining excellent coding standards in a tight economy, as well as another excellent one on "Being Agile".

I also convened a session about F#, which, much to my surprise, actually went okay, I felt like (thanks to Tim Rayburn who has several additions and clarifications to offer).

All in all the conference made me happy to be in the field I'm in, and greatly challenged me to learn more about many things. I'm definately humbled to have been spending so much time with so many who would be considered "the smartest man in the room". Thanks to Ben Scheirman for organizing, Doc List for facilitating and J Sawyer and Microsoft for providing the physical space. Thanks to all who went, and all who attended the F# (and the Linq Expressions) sessions, and I look forward to another Open Spaces event as soon as possible!