Monday, August 3, 2009

The Wiki is Live

I've finally done it. For a while now I've been looking for a way to organize my thoughts efficiently and effectively, while actually retaining the things I'm learning. The wiki is designed to help with that, and I've been working on it for a couple of weeks now.

Generally I get my information from one of a few sources (in no particular order):

1. Daily life. I learn quite a bit just by programming.
2. Podcasts.
3. Online Forums (most notably the MSDN forums, where I contribute heavily)
4. Blogs I subscribe to.
5. Blog posts people send to me.
6. Talking with people older and more experienced than myself.

Sometimes, I find that while researching this information, there's bits and pieces of information I need in order to fully understand the information I'm looking at, so I'm making a commitment to actually follow these breadcrumb trails to better learn at least a little of the concepts and/or technologies that seem integral to the conversation at hand.

But this presents a problem. What pieces of information am I going to record? Certainly I don't have the time or patience to seek out a full understanding of everything, so I have to limit what information I seek out to the minimum, earmarking things I want to revisit, and remembering the chief point of the rabbit trail that led me to learn that bit of information I'm learning, so I can ultimately accomplish my goal.

The problem is this: I'll have several pieces of information unfinished.

The good news is this: That's the life of the developer, so I'm not alone.

We will never know everything about everything, so the best we can do is learn alot about a little, and the rest we might know a little about. I believe the Wiki expresses this sentiment. There are some things that I know little about, and don't need to know about in depth, so I don't go in depth. In fact, some of the wiki entries are single sentence entries, simply meant as stubs to be fleshed out at a later date, or in some cases, never. Nevertheless, I feel it's extremely important to document my journey, in an effort to help those who might come after me to learn from me some of the things I've learned.

So, after much introduction, allow me to introduce: Coding Light Wiki. Enjoy.